November 3, 2014

Run Left, Pull the Right Guard: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Even though I think both Verne and Gary are about damn senile and the time has come to take 'em to the back forty and put 'em out of their misery like a lame old horse, they Gary will throw out some nuggets from time to time. Early in the 4th quarter, after Florida did what I titled this post for about the hundredth twentieth time, Gary mentioned it. And he was right on.

Our front 7 is pretty darn good vs. a spread offense or a regular pro-set, but if you put them up against a big, strong, and effective O-line with some good running backs, and we don't really match up good. Could you imagine what LSU or 'Bama could do to us at this point. It would be ugly. I don't know if I necessarily want MIZZOU to lose again. And I'm sorry, I know that Leonard Floyd is an excellent pass rusher, but he looked like a schoolyard chump yesterday. They were picking on him. Very sad...

I think Pruitt got outmatched on Saturday. Never really did any run blitzes; never seemed to adjust. That's bothersome.

It's a Catch 22. If you have the big D-line guys we used to have, then you probably do better in a game like this, but then you have trouble against spread or finesse teams. When you're smaller and lighter, specially on the ends, 418 yards against Florida happens.

I'm not smart enough and don't understand the game enough, especially defensively, to know what the answer is. Thoughts?


  1. As much as I love Pruitt we weren't ready for Florida and didn't adjust. Beyond looking flat (which is on CMR) it looked to me like we stayed in a 4-2-5 way too long. Floyd was playing with his hand in the dirt as an end so we were essentially in a 3-3-5. They were killing us on the edge and beating poor Leonard to death. I don't know why we didn't put 8 men in the box and make the quarterback beat us through the air. Either Pruitt just got into tunnel vision and didn't adjust or he was afraid to get off the scheme Georgia had worked on, maybe thinking people wouldn't know their assignments. I'm not sure why you would even run a 4-2-5 against that offense. If Florida had run the same scheme on defense we would have run up and down the field on them. Just a bad coaching job. I do think we'll learn and grow from this.

  2. Very keen insights. I wonder if you might be right about the "tunnel vision" theory. And having concerns about assignments if they changed up seems believable as well, but being 3/4 of the way into this season, one would think that our defensive unit could go into multiple looks without missing a beat.

    I hope you're right and it is something that we can learn and grow from. We'll have to do a better job to beat UK and Tech and to even have a chance vs. Auburn.