September 21, 2014

The Sunday Treatment

As many have said, this was a great opportunity for a "get right" or "get well" game, and that's exactly what we saw against the Troy Trojans. 66-0. Total domination. We got a lot of guys in there and it was a really good win for the Dawg Nation.

I said in my post yesterday, "I need more Isaiah McKenzie in my life," and for the most part, we saw that. Two rushes for 54 yards and two punt returns for 53 yards and a TD. It would have been nice to see him get a few receptions, but breaking 100 yards of all-purpose yardage was pretty nice.

Ditto for Sony Michel. It seemed obvious that the UGA coaches were not going to risk Gurley any more than they had to. #3 left very early in the game and left the heavy lifting to #1. Michel had a helluva game with 155 yards and 3 TDs.

Many had mentioned that seeing Mason getting some quality reps and working on his down field passing and timing with receivers was an integral part of the game plan. That didn't really happen as Mason only attempted 11 passes, but man, he had a few nice ones. We did witness Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta get some quality time in the 2nd half.

Speaking of Bauta, I can't remember who it was either Bernie or Tyler, I think, who last year tweeted about wishing Larry Munson was still alive and calling games to be able to hear him butcher Bauta's name. My brother and I really entertained ourselves with potential Muson calls - "And Fadden Buttah leans in for the score," "That Baton Florida kid...he's a real gamer...reminds me of that Tevo kid out of Florida A & I a few years back."  And there were several others. What can I say? I'm easily entertained and amused...

Defense? GATA! All day long, baby. It was nice.

But let's not kid ourselves. That was absolutely a horrid Troy team. Man, they've really gone downhill from the team that used to have a reputation of playing top-tier teams tough. They were just awful. But, that's what we needed, and we got it. Now it's time to get ready for a UT team whose first-string is probably about as good as anyone's. They're gonna be gunnin' for us. It won't be easy.


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