September 28, 2014

The Sunday Treatment and a Trip Around the Dawgosphere: UT Edition

A win is a win, but some wins are better than others. That was as stressful a game to watch in the stands that I can remember in a pretty long time.

UT is not a bad ball club. They've got some real players and they're coaching 'em up pretty good in Knoxville, but it should have never been that close. Major issues in all three phases. Our secondary is borderline horrid and at this point, Mason is more Joe Cox  Joe T III  than he is DJ Shockley. I had originally said Joe Cox, but my one of my buddies pointed this out:

I think you're being too kind to Mason. I think he's closer to Joe Tereshinski than Joe Cox. Cox floated some balls, but was at least capable of throwing the deep ball once in a while. Mason offers nothing in the way of keeping defenses honest.

My buddy, Heath H., also threw this nugget out:

 What's most disconcerting is that at worst, what we expected of him was to be a game manager, and not be a liability... the inability to "make the throws" notwithstanding. But producing a QBR of 27 today, when all we were trying to do is make the D a little more honest, is not comforting. I can't see how Bauta or Ramsey could be more of a liability... and I think that not shaking things up is akin to doubling down with a pair of eights (emphasis added is mine).

I have major, major doubts about Mason getting it done. If it's over 15-20 yds, he has no accuracy. None, whatsoever. Also, the total lack of arm strength is disturbing. On one of those longer throws, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. It just took so long to get there. And he's not going through his progressions; he's telegraphing his passes. And on a fair number of occasions, he simply panics (see South Carolina a couple of weeks ago).

Speaking of that crowd, yes, it's great that SCAR and Spurrier had their hearts ripped out like they did ours, but to the point of controlling our own destiny once again, I've just got to put this out there:

Unless we do something with the QB situation and our secondary, then we're just plain pissin' in the wind. A 5-3 conference mark would be a minor miracle at this point. This is the kicker though - that conference record may still win the SEC East! Folks, that's how weak, inconsistent, and let's just say it - BAD - the East is. Even back in the mid to late 90's when UF and UT dominated and the West was always an afterthought, I can't remember a year when that entire division was just so...average, mediocre, weak etc. etc. 

It was great to survive in Sanford Stadium yesterday, and I always love it when any Spurrier-coached team gets their hearts broken, but let's not kid ourselves. Without that greatest player in college football, we would be an absolute mess. But! This team totally has the talent and potential to go 11-1! But for that to happen, I feel like you probably gotta kick Hutson Mason to the curb, or at the minimum, start a QB platoon ala Greene and Shockley with Mason and Ramsey while possibly putting in Faton in some situational, change-of-pace situations . And can Richt do that? I wouldn't think so. I think he'd be too loyal to the guy that put in all this time as a back-up. I could be wrong, but I doubt it...

But as I said at the top - a win is a win - we'll take it and get ready for Vandy.

And now, to get a feel for the pulse of the Dawg Nation, let's take a trip around the Dawgosphere (hint: everyone has major concerns about the QB and secondary play):

And Gurley is just amazing. He is the greatest in college football right now and depending on what happens the rest of the way, might start being mentioned as one of the best of all time. His combination of size, strength, speed, and quickness combined with his love for his team, mental toughness, and his ability to take the whole team and put 'em up on his shoulders while he just gashes and slices...well, he's something special, for sure. I hope he stays healthy and is able to achieve everything he deserves. He's just such a DGD. And you don't get an opportunity to hear him or see him in interviews much, but when you do, you realize more and more that this young man is just on a different level in every way. He's the best! 

From The Augusta Chronicle. Jon-Michael Sullivan

As is always the case, it's a damn fine day to be a Georgia Bulldog. Til next time...

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