September 20, 2014

Some Quick Gameday Thoughts

Ah...the dreaded non-conference nooner. Well, it could be worse. Being September 20th, we could be looking at temps in the 90's with crazy high humidity. The weather couldn't be nicer. And at least the game is televised on the SEC Network. In years past, this one would have seemed a lock as a Comcast game, and I, along with a lot of other folks, aren't on cable. So, there's that...

I've tried to move tickets before in soft markets and could always get at least a bite. For this game? Nothing. Literally couldn't give them away. Man. I hope there's at least 80K in attendance for this thing, but I'm starting to wonder. Make sense, though. A week after an agonizing heartbreaker, 12-noon kick, and a terrible opponent, and the game is televised. That's a recipe for a very weak crowd. We shall see.

In terms of what I'd like to see in the game? I would like to see an offensive clinic put on by our Silver Britches in the first half complete with a lot of down field passing, power running game, and efficient scoring. What I'd really like to see is a half-time score in the neighborhood of 38-3, so we can get Ramsey and Bouta some quality time in the 2nd half. I want to see a LOT of Isaiah McKenzie. I mean, a lot! Punt returns, catching the ball, jet sweeps, etc. I need more Isaiah McKenzie in my life. Interested to see if we can Keith Marshall some good opportunities to utilize his talents, and let's definitely get Gurley his buck-fifty and a TD or two.

Defense? GATA, baby! All day long, and fast and furious.

A few games of note in the SEC today. Anybody really think Florida has a shot against 'Bama? Didn't think so. State over LSU? That's more likely, but in the Red Stick? I don't think so.

How 'bout that Auburn/K-State game? Is Auburn that bad? I don't really think so. I think Kansas State is a pretty darn good team. Did anyone else waste a few hours of their lives last night watching South Florida and UConn? Well, I watched a good bit of it. Hell, it's college football!

And then there's the Winston situation at FSU. Full game suspension instead of the first half against Clemson today. As a friend of mine mentioned on FB last night, I wonder if FSU would just be better of by kicking him off the team? There's still that civil suit looming, and Winston, by his continued actions, makes it clear that he's a trouble maker at best, and a sociopath at worst. FSU's got the trophy. They're "back." They can cherry pick recruits now. Cut him loose and it makes FSU look like good guys who "get it." They'd get a lot of goodwill out it, especially in this climate in wake of the stuff going on in the NFL. As my friend said, "disgusting, isn't it?" That's college football, baby. If FSU wins today and looks pretty good on O with the back-up, I wouldn't be too surprised to see it happen. Damage control and all that.

I'll touch base tomorrow with the Sunday Treatment and A Trip Around the Dawgosphere.


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