September 6, 2014

Bye Week Thoughts, Games to Watch, and A Prediction or Two

Normally not a big fan of early byes, but really don't mind this year for obvious reasons. Pretty sure I read where the last time UGA had an off week in the 2nd week of the season was 2002 after playing Clemson at home and before heading to Columbia to take on the Cocks. Worked out that time, for sure. I'll never forget being in the corner of the end zone right where I had a great vantage point for David Pollack's infamous sack/fumble recovery. That was so awesome! UGA football, and that's a bummer, but there's some games I'm pretty interested in and not all of them are prime matchups:

  • Obviously the Mich. State vs. Oregon and USC vs. Stanford are the weekend's highest profile games. MSU/Oregon w/ a 6:30 and USC/Stanford with a 3:30 kick. I'll definitely be checking in on those. 
  • The Ohio St vs. Virginia Tech game is up there but not as high as it would have been a few years ago as VaTech seems to be slipping more and more into mediocrity and obscurity. 8PM kick on that one
  • And at 7:30, the game that I guess at least a few people think is really important, Michigan goes against Notre Dame. As ESPN has on the their main college football page, it's the Big 10's "chance to shine." Lolz! 
  • Tech vs. Tulane at 4PM. That would be something if Tulane wins. They are playing New Orleans. I think the Green Wave has a good shot. 
  • The only SEC match-up? Vandy vs. Ole Miss. Shouldn't be much of a game as I expect Ole Miss to win by at least a couple of touchdowns. 
  • A game I'm really interested in is a Sun Belt match-up featuring one of the great state of Georgia's newest FBS teams, Georgia St., going against former wilderness-inhabiting, independent-by-necessity, New Mexico St. Panthers vs. Aggies. Neither team all that good, but a win by either team would put them at 2-0 on the season with a chance to build some momentum. What can I say, I've got a thing about the Sun Belt. Love Hudspeth down at Louisiana-Lafayette. I think UL-Monroe's got a strong program. Ditto for Arky St and Troy. I know it's not at the level of SEC, ACC, or maybe even C-USA, but I think it's compelling stuff and I always keep an eye on those programs. And w/ GSU as kind of my secondary team, all I can say is - GO PANTHERS! 
  • Kind of interested in Texas vs. BYU. Playing in Utah, the oddsmakers say go w/ BYU. I like Texas. 
  • And maybe the best game that no one is talking about. Some late night Mountain West action, baby! Boise St. vs. Colorado St. The line favors the Broncos, but I think the Rams are gonna go to 2 and 0! 
 Did that Thursday night game surprise you? Shouldn't have. Those Roadrunners out of UT- San Antonio are a pretty good team. They beat the everlivn' crap out of Houston last week and played Arizona pretty tough. Last night's games were duds. Pitt beat BC. Who gives a shit! What was really surprising was how poor and unexciting Washington St. looked in a bad, bad loss to Nevada. I think Pirate Leach has lost his mojo and might be on his way to a "Mumme Slow Fade." Lose this job and end up at a place like maybe...New Mexico St. Then drop to FCS, then Div. II and so on...

I kind of made a few predictions when covering the games, but here's my big one - Michigan State over the Ducks.

Hope everyone is well and GO DAWGS!!!

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