August 31, 2014

The Sunday Treatment and a Trip Around the Dawgosphere

What a game! Man, that was something else. In terms of electricity and atmosphere, it was right up there with last year's wins over SC and LSU. The crowd was top-notch. After a back and forth first half and a defensive struggle and field position battle during the 3rd quarter, the Dawgs turned it up "to 11" in the 4th  and took over the game on the ground. Final score: UGA 45, Clemson 21.

The star of the game? Without a doubt, Todd Gurley. #3 made a resounding statement and is now at the top of everyone's Heisman list. The numbers speak for themselves. He was just lights out last night. And that kick return! Man. This guy is something special, for sure. And how 'bout Chubb and Michel?! Wow! Even Quayvon got in on the action. I did feel kind of bad for Keith Marshall. I think it was pretty apparent by the end of the game last night that he's probably our number 4 TB now. But...that's football. That's life. And it was nice to see Michel get the ball thrown to him a few times as well. Ditto for Isaiah.

Yesterday I said the following about Hutson Mason:  "I think he's going to be quite capable and pretty darn solid. And that's all he needs to be." Well, that's pretty much exactly what he was and that's all we need. Great job by our QB.

After some issues in the first half, Pruitt made some great adjustments and our defense was just absolutely out of sight in the second half. The 2011 Dawgs had a really good defense, but I'd go as far to say that this is the best UGA defense we've seen since the 2002-2004 years. Seriously. And this is just the first game. With our depth and talent, I feel like we'll get a lot better. Still some issues in the secondary, but with that front 7, I think we're going to be a great defensive ball club this year.

Probably about my only gripe would be the fact that we didn't see Isaiah McKenzie in to return a punt until the end of the game. Naturally, he takes it 24 yards in spectacular fashion. Reggie Davis? 37 yards...on 7 returns! Look, I get it if they're not 100% about Isaiah's ball control skills. Deep in our own territory or in a punt-safe situation, throw him in. Otherwise, the job needs to be McKenzie's. 

Great day. Great game!

Let's check the pulse of the Dawg Nation and take...

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  1. Great article Marshall! Great game! What a wonderful way to start the season. (Danny)

  2. Well said. It's definitely great to be a Georgia Bulldawg!