January 12, 2014

The Sunday Treatment: 1/12/14

It's a beautiful day in Georgia! Hope all is well out there. I was hoping by this point in January to be back up to a least 2 or 3 posts a week but that has not yet happened. Hopefully soon. A few things to cover for the week that was...

How 'Bout Them Hoop Dawgs! 

Big, big win for our Hoop Dawgs last night: 66-58 over the Tide; huge games by Mann and Gaines. Perhaps not as big an actual game as our surprising and thrilling victory over MIZZOU earlier in the week, but because it now has us at 2-0 in SEC play, this one really means a lot. Gaines and Mann are both such ballers! Throw in guys like Thorton, Williams, and Djurisic and you've got the key components for a very good basketball team. We knew going in that it would take awhile before it all came together. I think it is coming together! But as a friend of mine who really knows his basketball said last night, there are some consistency issues with some of these guys. And let's not even get started on the foul shots (although that seems to be improving), but man, what a way to start league play! The Dawgs are now 8-6 overall. 

It's the End of Lakatos, and I Feel Fine

I'm inclined to agree with Tyler over at GA Sports Blog. But I'll take it a step further. I think it is a good thing he is gone. There were deficiencies that needed to be addressed. And while I don't think he was forced out, I think the "personal reasons" thing is not entirely accurate. And he himself has said that he expects to be coaching somewhere next year. I think there's more to this story that we probably won't know, but that's cool - as long as we get someone in that can coach up these DBs and safeties, that's all I care about. 

A Final Goodbye to the 2013 UGA Football Season

National Championship Game 

That was one hell of a game. My hat's off to FSU. Great team, great game. I tip my hat to Auburn as well. They really brought it. I was honestly surprised with how well they played.

A few thoughts:

  • After "Miracle on the Plains" versions I & II, many thought Auburn was a team of destiny. Monday night was a good reminder that things don't usually work out that way. College football, and life, has a way of reminding you of that.
  • Winston is one amazing player. He might be bat-shit crazy, but he's incredible.
  •   I still say that Jimbo Fisher is one weird dude. He's such a freak! 
  It's kind of a Catch-22 for us Dawg fans, I think. Sure as hell didn't want Auburn to win, but in terms of recruiting, a victory by a FSU team that runs a similar offense could be just as tough to overcome. There really was no good scenario. I was just glad that it was a good game. 

I'll definitely have some more thoughts later in the week. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. 

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