December 1, 2013

The Sunday Treatment & A Trip Around the Dawgsophere: THWGT Edition

DAWGS 41 - NATS 34

For me personally, it's as if the 1999 game has finally been fully exorcised. No, 2002 didn't do it. 2004 Reggie Ball? Nope. 2006 and 2009 might have finally gotten 1998 paid back. No, it wasn't until last night that I truly felt like things, in a karmic perspective, were finally set right. We ripped their hearts out and broke their noses.

The techies are in a bad way right now. I mean really bad. After enduring perhaps our most heartbreaking loss ever just a few weeks ago, I could almost feel myself feeling a little sorry for that crowd. Almost. I mean, it's Tech. - not really. It seems as if most of the tech crowd is turning against CPJ. That's a shame...

What a crazy game. And after the season we've had, would you have expected anything less?  After being down 20-0 and then 20-7 at halftime, it seemed as if the Golden Tornado finally had our number this year, but that just wasn't gonna happen. Todd Gurley was going to make sure that wouldn't happen. The same with Hutson Mason, Chris Conley, our O-line, the D in the 2nd half. It was a true team win, and it was absolutely beautiful. And the final play of the 2nd OT? We batted the pass DOWN. Gotta love that.

So let's check the pulse of the DawgNation and take...

A Trip Around the Dawgsophere 

Five in a row. 12 out of 13. Like I said yesterday, Richt owns Tech so bad that he pays Fulton Co. property taxes! All is right for another 365.


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