November 2, 2013

UGA vs. UF: Breakin' It Down

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble with this one. Both Bernie and Tyler have apparently had the same issues. What is there to say? What can you say? It's Florida. Just win, baby! For the record, I disagree with Tyler - I don't think it's going to be an ugly suck-fest. I just gotta feeling...

A few thoughts:
  • Regarding D - I'm thinking they've got them boys up to speed or have greatly simplified the playbook. One or the other. I think our defense will do okay. 
  • Regarding the O: I think having Gurley back is going to make a big, big difference. That's how good of a player he is, and how dependent upon a good, dominant TB that a Bobo-coordinated, Richt-coached offense is. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but that's just how it is. 
  • Following up on offense, are Rumph and Davis ready to be legit downfield threats? If they're not, then that's trouble. Also, is Woot ready to be the Woot of the UT game? Again, if not, and that's going to cause some problems. 
  • Can we get Quayvon back involved with this offense again. Please! 
  • Surely we've got the special teams fixed up. But then again, we've been saying that all season long, right? My Lord! Surely we've got it worked out. If not, then....well, changes will have to be made. 
  • The potential Scary Wildcard? Corbindawg over at The Grit Tree is all over that: 
  If there is one weakness that the Georgia defense has, it is containing a mobile quarterback (it was hard narrowing it down to one).
 I guess we'll see what we see. Honestly, I feel good about this one. I think we'll get it done.



  1. Right on Marshall....we could really use this one to give the year a few more positives! Dan

    1. Sorry - didn't see this yesterday. We really needed this one and we got it! Thanks for reading, Dan. GO DAWGS!