November 17, 2013

Staring into the Abyss & a Trip Around the Dawgosphere

Last night was the toughest loss I've ever dealt with in 30+ years of being a Georgia fan. It was soul-crushing. I think what made it so bad was the fact that we basically had gotten our doors blown off early and then it seemed as if we would hold our own in the 3rd quarter to at least keep it from getting out of hand. Then, all of the sudden we have this miracle comeback only to see a bigger miracle comeback at the very end. And then, and this is something that hardly anyone is talking about, we witness an egregious helmet-to-helmet hit against our QB in the final play that should have given us one more snap. 

You know what else made this one tough? Those damn Auburn fans. Always pretty much nice and friendly until after a win and then they show their asses. Of course, the whole Nick Marshall thing was another dynamic. After their $scam Newton hijinks, the plainsmen pull a redux taking the player that stole from his teammates. Winning at all costs, I guess. Ends justify the means and all that. I honestly think a fair amount of people, Auburn fans included, didn't fully know that he committed Grand Larceny against his own teammates. I mean, who does that?  But because Richt made it a point not to prosecute and get the police involved and simply cut the young, troubled man loose, there has been a bit of a whitewashing of the Nick Marshall story. So, it's just really an additional sting given that background and then to see the reaction of so many of the Tiger nation. But, that's just how they roll. Every staff they've had all the way back to Shug Jordan has been basically been found guilty of cheating. Well, you reap what you sow - we saw that with the 2012 edition of Abuurn.Call it sour grapes if you want, but I'm especially happy and proud to be a Bulldog on this dreary, rainy Sunday. And I'm so glad that Mark Richt is our coach.

One other thing: Penn Wagers. To hell with him. He's awful. At this point, it's just beyond ridiculous that he is still calling Georgia games. He's proven with his actions, and publicly with his words, that he cannot be impartial and neutral when it comes to UGA. And, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, the non-call on the blatant helmet-to-helmet hit on the game's last play was just icing on the cake as far as that is concerned.

As for the game: well, this one was all knotted up at 54-54-8 and it seemed fitting that the game, and so many of the stats, were basically even. They had 29 first downs and so did we. We finished with over 530 yards of total offense and they had a few more. It was basically anyone's game at the end. And Auburn, with the flukiest of fluke plays (he didn't even see the ball until it was coming down right into his hands), just broke our damn hearts. This basically becomes their "Belue-to-Scott" play. It's a tough, tough one. Like I said - the toughest ever for me.

Let's check the pulse of the Dawg Nation and take...

A Trip Around the Dawgosphere:

Well, we got to shake this one off and get ready for Kentucky. I know they've basically been awful this year but they got some talent, and some pretty good coaching. We've got to get ready for that crowd. Also, this will be our final home game so we really need to pack it out and show some love to our Seniors, especially Aaron Murray.


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