November 19, 2013

Something Very Cool Happened in the Dawgosphere Yesterday

Many of you have probably already read this, if not, you really need to. It's entitled, "What it Means to be a DGD: An Open Letter to Aaron Murray." It's awesome. It started out as a fan post on Dawgsports with a fair amount of views and FB and Twitter shares. Then it got promoted to the main page. Then, well, I think they call it going "viral." As of this morning, it is at over 36,000 FB shares (I read that even for well-read posts that number is usually double-digits, maybe triple), and as of last night it had been viewed over 170,000 times. I knew it was picking up steam when I saw several of my FB friends who don't follow Dawgsports on Facebook sharing it. Pretty cool stuff.

I think T. Kyle King, the founder of Dawgsports, summed it best with his comment on this post:

Thank You, Dawg Haus. At this moment, having just completed reading this, I feel better than I have felt since that awful, terrible, gut-wrenching ending on Saturday night.

Agreed! Thank you, Dawg Haus, for such a superb post. Excellent work. 


  1. Glad to have been a part of this string of communique's going around. This is a great article. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. And we really enjoy your posts. Also, I have still not viewed the last play of the game vs Auburn. Too painful. Another missed ref's call would just be too much and I just can't face that now. I will always revel in the Dawg's comeback in that game and might even remember it more due to the flukiest ending ever. Looking forward to more of your posts although I think it is time you brought out that guitar! (Dan)

    1. Ha, ha! It's definitely time to break out the guitar. Got a show coming up fairly soon.

      Thanks, Dan. Appreciate the kind comments.

      Go Dawgs!