November 30, 2013

Some Quick Saturday Thoughts & To Hell With Tech

Greetings! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a nice one.

I listened to a good bit of this one on the radio yesterday and I'm pleased to report that our Hoop Dawgs finally got another win under their belt. Yes, it was Appalachian St. and yes, they're from the SOCON (but hey - remember Davidson), but our Dawgs looked pretty darn good as we witnessed another great game out of Charles Mann. That kid's a baller. Final: Dawgs 71 - App. St. 53.

So now it's Clean, Old-fashioned Hate. Georgia Tech. The Golden Tornado. The NATS. The Nerds. "What's the Good Word?" "Piss on 'em," the Flagboy, and the rest of their weird, pathetic crap.

They suck, and I hate them...

We've won 11 out of 12 from that crowd. Richt owns Tech so bad that he pays Fulton Co. property taxes.

And don't let anyone tell you that Buzz and Co. are not our main rivals anymore. Yes we own them. Yes they're pathetic. But who do you hate losing to the most? That's how you tell who your biggest rival is. Still pissed about 2008? Hell, I'm still pissed about 1999!

Keys to the game? Line up and knock the everlivin' sh!t out of 'em! Seriously, I think if Gurley does his thing, Mason plays a smart, solid game with limited mistakes, and if our D can continue playing like they have the last two games, I don't see how we don't win...probably by a couple of touchdowns. Of course the wildcard would be special teams play, but they do seem pretty improved over past month.

Bunch of great games on today. Can't wait to get in front of the TV.


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