November 4, 2013

My Mumme Poll Ballot, Week 10

It's time for the Mumme Poll, the best poll in college football. This poll utilizes approval voting where voters vote for their top 10 teams without ranking with the exception of the top team. Here's my top 10 for this week: 

Florida State
Ohio State
Fresno State


Explanation: I switched 'Bama back to #1 after having FSU there for the last two weeks. I just feel like they're the best and would beat FSU in a head-to-head. I’ve still got Fresno St. in there – GO DAWGS! I decided to put LSU in over Auburn. Like a lots of folks, I’m just not sure how good the wareagletigerplainsmen really are. The last spot was tough. Thought about Okie St. and Michigan St. but decided, begrudgingly, to go with Baylor again. I don’t think they’re legit, but we will soon find out about that.

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