November 23, 2013

Hoop Dawgs Lose a Heartbreaker; Thoughts on UGA vs. UK

 Hoop Dawgs Lose a Heartbreaker

After a less than impressive showing against Davidson Thursday night, the Hoop Dawgs brought it against Temple in the 2nd round of the Charleston Classic. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as the Owls hit a 3 with seven seconds left to beat us 83-81. Gaines and Mann, our starting guards, had huge nights with 21 and 19 points, respectively. Big guys Thorton and Williams had good games as well and Djurisic had a big night off the bench with 10 points. The Dawgs outshot the Owls and were basically even in most other phases of the game. We limited turnovers and we got the ball around pretty good. It just wasn't quite enough. As I've mentioned earlier, I still feel good about this team and think we can surprise some folks and have a decent year.

UGA vs. UK

Well, here we are, the last home game of the season. This is always a mixed bag for me. I'm excited to get to see one more Between the Hedges but I'm always kind of sad because I know it will be a pretty long while before I'll see another one. Tonight is Senior night and we'll be saying farewell to many a Damn Good Dog including the most prolific QB in SEC and UGA History, Aaron Murray.

As for the game itself, I'm thinking our Dawgs will be ready. It would be easy to overlook Kentucky as they are the worst team in the SEC, but I think our boys are up for the challenge and will bring it pretty hard today. No emotional hangover from last week and no looking ahead to the NATS. I think the Dawgs are going take out some frustration tonight. I'm with Bernie, we need to be fast and aggressive on D and just do our thing on offense.

I sure hope we don't see a storm of events - 6-4 record, bad weather, bad opponent - keep folks away from Sanford tonight. I'd hate for there to be only about 70 - 80,000 folks in the stands during the Senior night festivities . Them boys deserve better than that. Let's pack it out tonight!


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