November 9, 2013

A Personal Take on the Appalachian St. Game

About to take my ladies to the Classic City, so I'll be brief. Sorry for the light posting lately - it's been one of those weeks. Like the Senator, I really don't have anything for this one other than hoping to see the things he mentioned - Murray breaking the record, everyone staying healthy, and getting some of our backups some good playing time.

For me, the coolest storyline today is a personal one. One of my good friends is a UGA grad and he was looking for some tickets for Saturday's game to take his son to that I was able to help him get. Here's the back story: his parents met and became an item back in the day when they were both students at Appalachian State (and I had both of these fine folks as teachers in high school - they were two of my favorite teachers. Both just fine, fine people). My friend's son is named Boone in honor of the town where App. State is located. This will be the young man's first UGA game. Against the school where his grandparents met and fell in love. Pretty cool story, I think.

Let's have a great day between the hedges. GO DAWGS!

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    1-8 vs. Final AP Poll Top 10, FL 2012 when threw 3 Interceptions, 12% Win %
    4-13 vs. Final AP Poll Top 25 for 23 % Win % vs Made Final AP Poll 25
    34 Wins Starting Quarterback
    16 Losses Starting Quarterback
    .68 Win Percentage
    12,568 Yards Passing
    115 Touchdown Passes
    870 Pass Completions
    1,406 Pass Attempts
    61.88 Pass Completion Percentage
    0 Tackles
    39 Interceptions
    30 Fumbles
    96 Sacks
    165 Interceptions, Sacks, Fumbles
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    670 Opportunities 3rd Downs on Offense
    42.99 for 3rd Down Conversion Percentage
    328 Yards Rushing
    273 Rushing Attempts
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    14 Touchdowns Rushing
    129 Passing Plus Rushing Touchdowns
    1 Passes Caught
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