October 6, 2013

UGA vs. UT: The Sunday Treatment and a Trip Around the Dawposphere

Wow! Just damn. I still can't believe we won that one. Man, the breaks were definitely beating the boys, and the injury bug was just damn decimating us. Down our 1st and 2nd string tailbacks, and without three of our four top receivers, we somehow managed to survive and "[get] the hell out of Knoxville." 

First off, hats of to Aaron Murray. On the day that he became the greatest passer in SEC history, he turned in his latest installment of "how to drive down the field at the end of the game in a couple of minutes and just totally decimate the hearts and dreams of your opponent." He's become pretty darned good at it. The next one in the books? How about most TD throws by SEC quarterback. About a week ago I posited that AM may very well break that record currently held by Danny Wuerffel against the Gators in Jacksonville. How poetic would that be considering Tebow broke the rushing TD mark previously held by Herschel against us in 2009. Now, it's looking like he'll probably break it against Vandy on the 19th if he keeps up this pace.  More importantly, he's just an amazing QB, one cool customer, and one hell of a Damn Good Dog!

And how about JJ Green? What a performance by our 3rd string TB. He rose to the occasion! Douglas did pretty good as well. Those two really stepped up and we don't win that one without them. And how 'bout my guy, Woot! Rantavious Wooten, #17. I just felt like he had the talent and drive to really break out this year. In fact, I mentioned that very thing in a preseason preview I did for a publication where I live. Again, without the contributions of Woot, we do not win this ballgame. Good on ya, #17. We're sure as hell gonna need you...

Which brings me to the bad stuff. Man, have you ever seen a rash of injuries like that? Dang. It was crazy. This much I think is pretty much certain - we'll have to finish this season without Marshall and Scott-Wesley. So that's our 2nd string TB gone (with Gurley still possibly not ready) along with two of our top receivers. Maybe we'll get Bennett back in a few weeks. Maybe not. We'll have to see. Hell, we even lost our punter, Barber, to a concussion. Crazy. Also, bad stuff - special teams. I don't know if anyone saw it, but they almost blocked another one earlier in the game. We've got to do something with our punt team. Something isn't working. Well, several things aren't actually. We're not setting up properly, we're not blocking properly, and there's something going on where Barber is just taking a split second too long. Got to be fixed or it will cost us a game down the road.

And for those who are bemoaning the fact that we didn't pick up any style points, y'all just need to get real. We were just damn fortunate to steal a W in that one. With the crazy number of injuries, the fact that Neyland was probably louder than it's been in years, and with a great gameplan by the UT coaches and even better execution by the UT players, just to get a win was huge. There's going to be games like that and it's what you do when you have those games that separates a decent team from a very good/great team. To me, that was as good a win during the Mark Richt era as we've seen.

And a Sunday tradition here at GYSB:  

A Trip Around the Dawgosphere 

And by the way, you saw what MIZZOU did to Vandy, right?

Next man up!

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