October 19, 2013

Thoughts on 1965, Injuries, Officiating, and Special Teams

Tough game. Not gonna blame it on the refs, but obviously the targeting stuff needs to be addressed. How are you going to overturn it but then say, "Oops, we were wrong, but we're still gonna hit you w/ a 15 yd penalty." Terrible.

Like the 1965 version of the Dawgs, injuries have just totally decimated this team. That '65 team had huge wins vs. 'Bama and Michigan and was on top of the world. Then, several key injuries just killed the team and they limp to a lackluster finish. Lots of similarities there. Remember how we felt after LSU? Man, what a roller coaster. The difference is this: pretty sure the '65 Dawgs didn't have completely awful special teams play. That's got to get handled. Like the Senator said, how can a major SEC program not have a competent long snapper in the game by the 8th week of the season?

At this point, going 8-4 in the regular season would be a minor miracle. It's always a great day to be a Dawg, but this one's tough, no doubt about it.

Thank God we've got a bye week this week. Go Dawgs!


  1. The difference is our two "quality" wins don't look as good as we thought after today. We have NO DEFENSE, and haven't had any in quite some time. The last two SEC Championship appearances we "backed" in. Call it what it is. We consistently recruit top 10 talent, and the NFL has more Bulldogs than any other school, but we don't have any hardware to show for it. What is that indicative of???? Poor coaching.

  2. Acttually no. . Dawgs rank 4th behind USC,MIAMI,LSU.
    Had 1 loss in SEC. Last season. Didnt lose two. D hasnt always been bad
    Special teams sux. u got that right.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. The injuries are crucial to all of this. They just are. However, there are some definite coaching issues right now. Special teams, or lack thereof, is very concerning. I still think our D is slowly improving. If we can get a couple of folks healthy and stay together as a team, I think we can finish the season on a good note.