October 13, 2013

The Sunday Treatment and a Trip Around the Dawgosphere

The thoughts I posted earlier today still stand: while there is pretty of blame to go around in all phases of the game, really, more than anything, the game was lost by those four turnovers. You just can't do that against a quality opponent, which Missouri definitely is.

However, after some additional review, there is some specific, position-oriented blame that, although not as crucial as the turnovers (although this group could be said to be involved with that), can be blamed for our loss - the O-line. Not that they were just completely awful yesterday. They had their moments, especially with run blocking. But my God, what happened with our pass blocking? And at this point, we've got to figure something out with the left tackle position. It's not working.

Again, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I thought the defense played fairly well. I know a lot of folks reading this probably think I'm crazy or just think I don't know what I'm talking about, but I truly believe that. Take away fumble return (and I don't even count that last TD - it was trash), and you've got a pretty good defensive performance. And again, look at the box score - against a very good offense, and our D did pretty good. They were shaky in the first half, no doubt. But man, they were holdin' it down pretty damn good in the 2nd. That's how I feel about it...

And our usual Sunday Trip Around the Dawgosphere:

Tough game; tough loss. We've got to find a way to get past Vandy in six days. I see Missouri, best case, finishing 6-2 in the SEC, so if we can find a way to win out, we go back to Atlanta. While we won't be playing for a national crown, maybe we can keep somebody else from getting one and get an SEC crown in the process. Still a lot to play for. Today, as is the case everyday, is a damn fine day to be a Dawg!

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