October 7, 2013

The Mumme Poll and My Ballot for Week 6

Howdy folks. In addition to the AP and USA Today polls, there is another poll out there that I feel is equally important - The Mumme Poll. Founded a few years ago by the Senator and the guy that does the Third Saturday in Blogtober site, it is a little different:

Mumme Poll voters submit ballots which consist of their top ten teams in the country, without ranking (other than to designate a single best from those ten, for use as a tiebreaker).  The poll rankings are then compiled by means of approval voting; that is, the teams are ranked in the order of the total number of times they appear on voters’ ballots.

You can learn more by visiting here. Also, this is the most democratic poll out there. You don't have to be a coach, or a published sports writer - it is open to anyone who wishes to participate. To sign up, just go to the main page and register.

Just remember a couple of things: your ballots will be visible to the other voters, so don't try to game the system as your ballot can be flagged. Continued or egregious violations can lead to expulsion. Also, with more unconventional selections, it is encouraged to give an explanation for why you voted a certain way. You'll see that I included an explanation with mine because I put South Carolina in my top 10. It's a lot of fun, and as I've noticed every year that I've participated, it makes for a better ranking system than anything else out there. So if you feel so inclined, check it out.

My Week 6 Mumme Poll ballot: 

Florida State
South Carolina
Ohio State
Texas A&M

*top team
I'm sorry, but I just can't take Louisville seriously enough to put them top 10. If this was a top 15, or maybe even a top 12, I probably would. And at this point, I believe USCe would beat Miami, OK, or Lousiville. So I've USCe as my last team in.

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