October 18, 2013

A Big Thank You to the Readers of GYSB and a Few Housekeeping Notes

Howdy, hope all is well, and Go Dawgs!

A few things:

First off, I'd just like to once again thank everyone who is visiting this page for doing so. I'm right at 3,500 hits after about a month and a half. Now that might not sound like a lot to some people, but as a point of comparison, my other blog, The Piedmont Chronicles, which has been up and running for 3 years, has just under 11,000 hits. Now granted, that's more of a local, historical blog that wouldn't get as many hits, but still - the number of hits I've had on this particular page are good numbers in my opinion.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of the key factors in that process, and that would be The Dawgbone. A lot of traffic obviously comes through that site, and I'm very grateful to them for adding me. Also, several fellow Dawg Bloggers have been kind enough to add me to their blogrolls: The Senator, Bernie, Sic 'em Dawgs and CC over at Sports and Grits. Thank you, guys.

To monetize or not to monetize

Well...obviously I made the decision to do so. I knew I had some dues to pay so I decided to wait until I hit a certain number of pageviews before I did that. I hit that number awhile back and went ahead and added the Ads. I haven't really fine-tuned those yet, but eventually I think they will be good ones that will be apropos to the site. If you see something interesting and feel so inclined, go ahead and give it a click. I might make a dime or something. But hey - 10 dimes and you got a dollar, ammaright?


I've mentioned a few times that while I was grateful for all of the hits, I was hoping to see a few comments. I have actually gotten a handful here lately, but I'm all about reader participation. So drop a line when you get a chance. One thing that was playing a roll with that for at least a few folks I've talked to was this: I had the comments set up where you basically had to be on Blogger or Wordpress or something else to comment. It was hard to leave a comment, basically. Didn't realize that until just a few days ago. But I've gotten that fixed. So, comment away!

Again, thank you. I've really enjoyed the hell out of this and hope you've enjoyed reading it.

Until next time.


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