September 5, 2013

Turning Back and Looking Ahead

Clemson. What does that word mean to you? Well, I tell you what that word means to me:

Clemson is where our Dawgs lost a close game a few days ago. Clemson thinks they can lay claim to "Death Valley," but they cannot. I've been to the "Red Stick" a few times and there's no comparison. But Memorial Stadium was pretty damn impressive a few nights ago. I'll give 'em that.

Clemson brings back memories. It takes me back to the opening game of 2003 when I witnessed a pretty darned cute Clemson coed projectile-vomiting her sweet little guts out, dressed to the nines in a super cute orange and purple dress. The best part was watching her male accompaniment reacting to the situation. At first he was obviously concerned about her. But then it became apparent that he fully realized the true ramifications of what was going on - this could cost him going to the game! Perhaps the young man realized that he could get one of the girl's friends to tend to her. Then the young man could actually take one of his buddies to the game! It could all come out aces! Did that happen? Who knows? By the looks of him I doubt he was smart enough to play it properly...

So...back to last weekend. Those Clemson fans were just so nice and gracious before the game. They really were. But I have never seen a fan-base flip like a switch like I did last Saturday night. As soon as the game was over they were just out of control. Within yards of the stadium we heard Clemson fans yelling - "You suck you Georgia f*cks! We whipped 'dat ass!" Then a Clemson fan ran up to the folks in front of us and just unloaded a string of profanities on them and then promptly ran away. Then, when we got downtown, random Clemson dude is hanging off a streetlight with a half-drunk bottle of Crown yelling, "F*ck you! You Georgia Bitches!!! Ha, ha, ha!!!"

There were many more incidents. They totally came across as amateurs. Nouveau Riche, as it were, which I couldn't understand - this crew had won a national championship back in '81, right? But, then I realized - they've been in the ACC this whole time. They didn't know how to handle themselves. But they were pretty damn cute, bless their hearts!

What I really got a kick out of was reading a certain Clemson blog this week (I won't link them...they're not worth it). They were talking about how awful the Georgia fan base was and how we deserved everything we got (with a lot of profanity - those guys are "San Diego" all the way!). Well, of course. Hell, we have a song about how obnoxious we are. And you had urine dumped on you back in 2002 when you were in Athens? Shit happens. Get over it! At least Georgia fans are consistent. There's something to be said for that.

Oh yeah - the game. Our left O-line sucked and we botched a FG. There you go.

And now we have the cocks coming to town. I'm not too worried about it.


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