September 16, 2013

Random College Football Notes: 9.16.2013

Apparently it's Mexican Independence Day today. So...happy 16th of September to any of my Mexican readers out there. And how 'bout that 'Bama/A&M game? Wow! That was pretty fun to watch. And I can't lie - I don't like Saban or Manziel, but they do what they do well.
And some Dawg stuff:
Alright. So I'm planning on getting a good bit of stuff out there this week. I'm still somewhat looking for an identity for the blog, but I think I'm getting there. And for all of the hits I'm getting - thanks! I appreciate the support. Getting a few comments here and there would be pretty cool as well. Let your voice be heard! Until next time - GO DAWGS! GATA! 

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