September 23, 2013

Potential Poetic Justice: Might Murray Break the SEC Passing TD Record in Jax?

During Saturday's 45-21 win over North Texas, Aaron Murray became just the second ever SEC QB to hit 100 touchdown passes. When it was all said and done, he had also hit 101 and 102 after another very impressive showing by our Heisman-worthy gunslinger. He is now second all-time in the league behind Danny Wuerffel's impressive number of 114. If Murray stays healthy, it's almost a given that he will take the record. But when might he do that?

I think a lot of us remember the unfortunate events of the 2009 UGA/UF game. For starters, that was the one when we broke out those god-awful black helmets. Lord help! We also got our butts kicked. It was terrible. It, unfortunately, was the one when Tebow broke Herschel's SEC rushing TD mark as well. I remember watching that run when he took over the record. It chapped my, I was pissed! You knew he was gonna break the record, but why oh why, did he actually have to do it while playing against us! It stunk! You remember it. Most of us do...

However, I believe that it is totally in the realm of possibility that Murray will break Wuerffel's Jacksonville! Against Florida! Wouldn't that be something? Poetic? Hell yes! Based on the numbers, Murray is averaging around two and half TDs per game in his career. Let's say his career number holds over Georgia's next four games - that would put him at 112 coming into Jacksonville. Then two would tie; three would take the mark. I just think that would be a damn beautiful, cathartic thing. We'll see...

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