September 21, 2013

Dawgs vs. the Mean Green

Alright, hope all is well out there. I meant to get this post up yesterday. Oh well...

North Texas. Don't know much about 'em? Well, neither did I. Not really. But I've been researching them a little bit and I've got a few thoughts:

  • This is not the Mean Green from a few years ago - that team was basically awful - only winning a handful of games during a four year stretch. 
  • Their HC now is Dan McCarney, formerly the head guy at Iowa St. and considered by many to be a pretty darned good coach. They've won more games in his two years than they did the previous four.He's got old-school sensibilities and we'll most likely see a well-coached team. 
  • The Mean Green offense is actually pretty good. Their passing game ranks 28th in the country at right under 300 yds per game and their QB, Thompson, is good. Like real good. Unlike Clemson and USCe, we'll be seeing more power-I and pro-set stuff, and Thompson is a traditional pocket passer. As I've said recently, we should be well-prepared for this type of offense as we practice against it regularly with our own offense. Also, this will be a good run-up for the LSU game.
  • They've got a couple of decent running backs as well and by all accounts they have a good group of O-linemen. 
  • And they've got a few playmaker on defense. They can bring some pressure and make some plays. 
  • UNT is no longer Sun Belt, they've moved up to Conference USA. Whoop, whoop!!! 

I think the key to having a good and successful day is coming out on fire and ready to GATA (get after their asses). Our Dawgs need to play with a passion and intensity, while still playing smart of course, and try to go ahead and take control of this game early. If we can get some early scores and if our D does what it should and we get some pressure on their QB, then we could easily find ourselves up maybe 3 or 4 touchdowns when we hit the locker room for halftime. If we can do that, then we could get a ton of reps for some of our back-ups and younger guys. That would be most helpful for our cause moving forward. We've got the ability, playmakers, and talent to do exactly that, and I think we will.

My prediction: UGA 55; UNT 19 


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