September 9, 2013

By the Numbers

Thing are looking pretty good for our Dawgs right now. We're back in the Top 10, we've got the inside track and control our own destiny within the SEC East, and we might have just witnessed the best atmosphere at Sanford Stadium since the 2007 Auburn "Blackout" game. Now, we've got a week off to rest and get healthy. Here's the numbers so far:

Aaron Murray is pretty much just killing it right now. Averaging 316 yards per game in the air, with a 71.2% completion rate and a 194.8 QB rating. Just Damn! If he keeps this up, he will obliterate any and all UGA season and career numbers. But - according to many in the Dawg Nation - he ain't the guy to get us there, right?

Todd Gurley is on fire as well. He's averaging 144 yards per game on the ground with a per carry average of...6.9 yards! Wow! He's also scored 3 TDs on the ground with another in the air. Very nice.

Team-wise, things are looking pretty good on the offensive side of the ball as UGA is in the top 20 in FBS in terms of yards per game.  The Dawgs are producing 542 yards per game with a 316 passing / 226 rushing split. Pretty nice...

The defense, on paper, doesn't appear to be doing nearly as well, but as many folks who watched the USCe game will tell you - there has been significant improvement. And obviously you've got to keep in mind that we've probably already faced the two best offenses we'll see all season.


*All stats via ESPN

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