September 18, 2013

A Trip Around the Dawgosphere: 18 September 2013

Let's check the pulse of the Dawgosphere:

So as for it not to appear that I'm just completely mailing it in and piggy-backing off of my fellow Dawg Bloggers, here are some of my prior thoughts vis-a-vis the North Texas Mean Green (but see - I'm just linking myself, just like I am with all of the others...ha, ha, ha! I'm such a  hack!) But wait - here's a block quote also:

I don't know much about them [North Texas] other than they're called the Mean Green and they've had a lot of money pumped into the program lately (think a poor man's Oklahoma St.). A few years ago, they hired Dan McCarney, formerly the HC at Iowa St., and the team has posted more wins in his two years (9) than they did the previous four seasons.

But seriously, it looks like North Texas is not your typical Sun Belt C-USA team. It looks like they've got a pretty good QB and can move the ball. It's nice that apparently they run a lot of pro-set and and power-I
type stuff with a traditional pocket passer. That will give us a good trial run for LSU. We should be ready for the Mean Green. I mean - hell - our D practices against this type of O every week. We should be able to GATA, take care of business, and get it done!

I'll be posting a good bit more about UNT the next few days.I'll also be revealing the meaning of life on Friday. So you'll definitely want to check back for that.

Until next time.



  1. Marshall!?!......Mr. Sanchez? Go back and check the tag line on that story, hoss. That was a CCRider o-rig-inal! I'm the HNIC (head nay sayer in charge) of the Dawgosphere. Sanchez is the butterflies and happiness poster at S&G (mostly on account of him being afraid that Richt may try to have him deported).

    Also, we have been very well behaved lately. Sure we had a brief nuclear melt down after the Clampersun loss....but we have even been giving the Crayon a little credit this year.

    1. Of course, CCRider. My bad. And I knew that too - negative and contrary - that's you! I just got my names mixed up. I'll do an update on the post. And kudos on the deportation line. Well done.

      And BTW, I do enjoy the page - got y'all on my blogroll. GO DAWGS!

    2. Well in that case you Sir shall now appear on our "Things We Don't Hate" roll on the blog.